Marquee decoration ideas for wedding

To make a lasting impression of the Big Day, dressing the Wedding Reception Marquee is a major factor. Gone are the days when table cloths and chair covers will do! Now, Brides demand something unique for their occasion. This is of course all part of setting the ambience for the event, delighting the guests and enhancing the theme. Some of the smallest details and special touches can make all the difference … however if the Marquee itself isn’t up to this level too then all that may go unnoticed.

Flower Wall Backdrop

Marquee decoration ideas for wedding reception

Here at Mirage Wedding Backdrops we are always thinking of new products which will enhance the wedding marquee decor, and raise the bar that bit higher. We keep an eye on trends which as you know do change from season to season, year to year. This year we could see there were two prominent styles and themes causing a bit of a stir. The Flower Wall Backdrop hit the headlines with the marriage of Kim Kardashian to Kanye West and images of their impressive wedding venue decor went viral around the world. Everyone was talking about it! As a venue stylist you would love to be able to offer something like this to your clients however they don’t all have celebrity income to go to the extent Kim and Kanye did. So we thought what about a Flower Wall Backdrop made from fabrics that can be used many times over just like our Traditional Wedding Backdrops. And so the Flower Wall Backdrop was born.


Another popular style has been Vintage, and that is an enduring one. We have products to compliment our Vintage Country Style Backdrop and Table Skirt we have introduced in a rustic, vintage style.

As a manufacturer we are able to make to order so should you require something “a bit little different”, we can usually accommodate. Call or email for a quotation.