Starlight Table Skirts

Mirage Starlight Table Skirts to match

Mirage Starlight Table Skirts system is manufactured to order entirely within our factory in Leicestershire. The fire-retardant materials are of a superior quality giving maximum durability ( can be laundered without loss of fire-retardant property), the fabric is soft and treated to make crease resist giving stunning results every time.

Fibre Optics or Fairy Lights

We offer two versions of our Starlight Table Skirt : A or B.  They are both made using the same fabrics, the difference is in the Light system.

  1. Very close overall match of lights to the Mirage Starlight Wedding Backdrops. This is mains powered plug in.
  2. Budget priced Warm white only fade effect, different to Mirage Starlight Wedding Backdrop. This is battery powered.

CAKE TABLE is usually type B Battery to avoid trailing leads near a cake !

A choice of Style and Colour

  • Capri with detachable Swag
  • Jolie
  • Cinderella with round Diamante buckle
  • Vintage Country
  • TuTu (White or Pink available)

A visually stunning result

  • Decorate the Top Table in Style!
  • The best overall effect to really wow your clients
  • Mains powered version offers White only twinkle or Colour twinkle via an optional Colour Wheel
  • Fully supported, you can buy with confidence from an established UK supplier
  • Fire-retardant.
  • Fully durable
  • Plug ‘n’ play


Designed to suit popular table widths

Choose Width (Trestles)

To offer flexibility for a number of events and therefore varying table width, you could choose a 2 Trestle and 1 Trestle rather than a 3 Trestle, meaning you can cater for 2 or 3 Trestle requirements or even two events at the same time!

1 Trestle = 10 FT / 3m (6 FT / 1.8m table length + 4 FT for the sides) 

2 Trestle = 16 FT / 4.8m (12 FT / 3.6m table length + 4 FT  for the sides) 

3 Trestle = 22 FT / 6.7m (18 FT / 5.5m table length + 4 FT for the sides) 


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