wedding backdrop rose flower wall

Rose Flower Wall

Introducing the newest Flower Wall product from Mirage Wedding Backdrops – the Rose Flower wall

Hand Made in Leicestershire UK from the finest materials by Mirage, creators of the Original Starlight Wedding Backdrop and leaders in the industry. Rose Flower wall represents another new innovation and is right on trend for 2017 and beyond. Featuring hundreds of beautiful rose flowers crafted from luxurious fabrics for a stunning visual effect. Furthermore the venue decorator and wedding planner will appreciate a high return on their investment time after time. By offering the Rose Flowerwall to your clients is a unique selling point for your business.

As with our other wedding backdrops, the Rose Flower wall can be used with our easy-up pipe and drape system for which we are a major distributor.

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Made in the UK


Mirage Wedding Backdrops are Made in the UK

Our Leicestershire factory is located in the East Midlands region of the UK, an area with a long and enviable manufacturing heritage. Leicestershire itself has long been associated with the textiles industry. Today, we are proud to be manufacturing our world-famous Mirage Starlight Wedding Backdrops here in our Leicestershire factory.  Using high quality fire retardant fabrics is important, as is the stunning visual effect the finished product has when in use. Our backdrops really are the best you can buy, and that’s something your clients will love and you will appreciate from the repeat business you gain, time and time again. 

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Quick Overview of Mirage Products

Manufacturered in the UK Tel 01455842000
Mirage Starlight Wedding Backdrops, Starlight Table Skirts, Cake Table Skirts, Venue Decor, Flower Wall

Mirage Starlight Products

Mirage Starlight Wedding Backdrops

The Starlight system gives the most pleasing Twinkle lights and perfectly compliment the romantic atmosphere of the Big Day. Manufactured in our Leicestershire, UK factory from high quality luxurious fabrics and supported by a Freestanding Professional Pipe & Drape frame.

Mirage Starlight Table Skirts

Our Table Skirts are designed to match the Wedding Backdrops and complete the look, with the Twinkle lights and luxurious fabrics. Even the Cake Table gets the Starlight treatment!

Mirage Starlight Walkway, Door Curtain and Wedding Arch

Used independently or with the Wedding Backdrops, the Starlight Walkway creates and exciting and enthralling Entrance for the Bridge & Groom at their Reception. A popular addition to enhance the room decor and transform a drab doorway with the Double Doorway Curtain.

The Wedding Arch finds itself in use not only at the Reception but often at the Ceremony itself, where it is used as a symbolic entrance way, around the registrar’s table, or even outside in the grounds and at the photo shoot!

Lighting, Easels, Rope & Stanchion and accessories

Mirage supply Uplighting Flood Panels, Table Plan Easels, Rope and Stanchion and more.

Help and advice

Our team are on hand to help you, and don’t forget we also provide an installation service

Further inspiration

Take a look at our Gallery page for more ideas.

Marquee decoration ideas for wedding

To make a lasting impression of the Big Day, dressing the Wedding Reception Marquee is a major factor. Gone are the days when table cloths and chair covers will do! Now, Brides demand something unique for their occasion. This is of course all part of setting the ambience for the event, delighting the guests and enhancing the theme. Some of the smallest details and special touches can make all the difference … however if the Marquee itself isn’t up to this level too then all that may go unnoticed.

Flower Wall Backdrop

Marquee decoration ideas for wedding reception

Here at Mirage Wedding Backdrops we are always thinking of new products which will enhance the wedding marquee decor, and raise the bar that bit higher. We keep an eye on trends which as you know do change from season to season, year to year. This year we could see there were two prominent styles and themes causing a bit of a stir. The Flower Wall Backdrop hit the headlines with the marriage of Kim Kardashian to Kanye West and images of their impressive wedding venue decor went viral around the world. Everyone was talking about it! As a venue stylist you would love to be able to offer something like this to your clients however they don’t all have celebrity income to go to the extent Kim and Kanye did. So we thought what about a Flower Wall Backdrop made from fabrics that can be used many times over just like our Traditional Wedding Backdrops. And so the Flower Wall Backdrop was born.


Another popular style has been Vintage, and that is an enduring one. We have products to compliment our Vintage Country Style Backdrop and Table Skirt we have introduced in a rustic, vintage style.

As a manufacturer we are able to make to order so should you require something “a bit little different”, we can usually accommodate. Call or email for a quotation.

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New Products for 2015

New Year New Products


Flower Wall Backdrop

Again, on-trend for 2015 is our latest design – the Flower Wall Backdrop.. Available with or without our famous Starlights. Featuring hand crafted fabric flowers with all-white or pastel colour options. The Flowerwall is available in standard 6m x 3m size or as required.

backdrop in a box kit

Backdrop Pipe & Drape Starter Kit

If you are new to the events industry or would like to expand into venue dressing, this kit is an ideal way to get started and become familiar with the Pipe & Drape system that enables you to quickly and easily drape a venue. The kit includes a white premier drape and is 3m wide. By the addition of more uprights and crossbars you can expand the system as much as required, and attach any drape of your choice, including our Wedding Backdrops. Drapes can of course be made to your specification. Call us for more details. £295 delivered including VAT (UK mainland).

LED Dancefloor for hire

20FT x 20FT LED Dancefloor for Hire

Fantastic White Sparkle Dancefloor 20FTx 20FT (6.35m x 6.35) Installed and Removed

Being so unique and so well designed it really does give a WOW ! factor to any room for any occasion from weddings to special events. With a pure gloss finish and twinkling lights dazzling you and your guests you can be sure to make a huge impression with this style of dance floor.

For more information, please call  +44 (0)1455 842000


Planning your Wedding Reception decoration

Don’t delay start planning your wedding reception decoration now!


Planning next years wedding shouldn’t be left to the last-minute. Venue decoration is inevitably on the to-do list however decorators like us at Mirage can get booked up pretty quickly. Our friends over at Guides for Brides have written an excellent article on this subject Beat the January Rush, which we think offers a lot of great advice. If you are looking to have your venue decorated with drapes, we can definitely help. You might also like to take a look at our range of accessories too, such as Crystal Chandeliers for marquees and halls, Diamante Buckles for chair sashes, drapes and top table skirt enhancement and can even be used with a ribbon around cakes. We stock two styles of Easels to display your top table seating plan.  Call us today to discuss your venue decoration requirements for 2015 and beyond: 01455 842000

Freestanding Starlight Backdrops

With a focus on manufacturing and supplying Free standing Starlight Wedding Backdrops, Mirage provide wedding event planners with a number of products that can bring a certain pizzazz to your wedding event.

One of the most popular products we have in stock is the freestanding starlight-wedding backdrop.

This product has the ability to transform even the most ordinary buildings into spectacularly decorated and magically lit venues. The starlight backdrop combines coloured pleated drapes with sparkling pin spotlights and colour changing wall up-lighters. The effect creates a glittering environment that will no doubt impress all the guests at your wedding event.

Easy to set up in just about any location, no matter how large or small, our bespoke Wedding backdrops are set up by crossbars slotting together to form a frame. Our specially designed drapes are then hung over this frame. For a more detailed description of how our pipe and drape products work, take a look on our ‘how it works’ page, or see examples of pipe and drape decorations in the gallery page.

If you are in the wedding trade and interested in either hiring or buying our freestanding wedding backdrops for your wedding event get in touch with us by either sending us an enquiry through our contact page, or by giving us a call on our 01455 842000 number.

Create the Perfect Atmosphere

Mirage Wedding Backdrops are specialists providing pipe and drape equipment for wedding events. We supply the wedding trade with adjustable wedding backdrops for marquees, alongside other products to enhance the perfect magical atmosphere of your wedding event.

Easy to install in any location, no matter the size, our Wedding backdrops can be set up by crossbars slotting together to form a frame. Then, we hang our specially designed drapes over the frame. Our drapes can be tailored to the style of your event, depending on how you want your scheme or style to be. For a more detailed description of how our system works, take a look on our ‘Products’ pages.

Similarly we have starlight backdrops available, giving your wedding backdrops an extra sparkle. On top of this, products such as our Starlight Table Skirt can complement both your backdrop and lights colour scheme. Using the same fabric design that we use for our freestanding backdrop system, the Starlight Table Skirt can work effectively alongside Mirage’s wide-ranging selection of backdrops and drapes, creating at atmospheric wedding setting.

As part of the High Spec Group, Mirage are specialists in providing pipe and drape equipment for venues of all descriptions, shapes and sizes. Have a look at our gallery page to view what kind of wedding backdrops we have created in the past.

If you are in the wedding trade and interested in either hiring or buying our atmospheric wedding backdrops, get in touch with us by either sending a message on our contact page, or by giving us a call on our 01455 842000 number.

Wedding Backdrops and Starlight Tables

Specialising in bespoke wedding backdrops and starlight tables for wedding events, we can provide you with a wide variety of products to improve your wedding venue in style.

One of the most popular products we have in stock is our starlight table skirt. An exceptional table cloth with fairy lights intricately incorporated into the fabric, the starlight table skirt is designed for a quick set up, helped along by the skirts simple table clips, velcro on the skirt fabric, and the lights powered by the mains. The tablecloth’s lights can be easily adapted to match the mood of the event as it goes along, with settings including full-on or quality twinkle.

On top of this, the Starlight Table Skirt can complement your backdrop and lights colour scheme; using the same fabric design as our freestanding backdrop system, the Starlight Table Skirt can work effectively alongside Mirage’s diverse selection of backdrops and drapes in order to create a vivid and elegant wedding setting.

As part of the High Spec Group, Mirage are specialists in providing pipe and drape equipment to fit venues of all kinds, if you are interested in our services, you can visit our gallery page to view what kind of wedding backdrops we are capable of providing.

In order to either hire or buy Mirage’s Backdrops and Starlight Tables (or indeed any of Mirage’s products) please visit our contact page to submit a contact form (or give us a call on 01455 842000) to hear from our knowledgeable customer service team.